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Green energy is the way Malaysia shall adopt, not nuclear energy

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Solar energy is green energy and abundant in Malaysia located at the 12 hours daylight zone.

The latest solar power generated electricity technology is at par with fossil fuel for cost unit. The only drawback is there is no viable electricity storage method for the consumption at night.

We cannot depend 100% on solar power due to storage limitation at night, but 30-40% goal shall be achievable by 2020.

Another 30% can be tapped from hydropower, and remaining 30-40% can be powered with biofuel.

So, 100% independent from fossil and nuclear fuel is not a dream if there is political will to make it happen.

China eyes 20 pct renewable energy by 2020: report

BEIJING (AFP) – China plans to dramatically increase its use of wind and solar power, aiming to generate up to one fifth of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, a senior official told Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

“We are now formulating a plan for development of renewable energy,” Zhang Xiaoqiang, vice-chairman of China’s national development and reform commission, said in an interview in London published Wednesday.

“We can be sure we will exceed the 15 percent target. We will […]