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Another pro-rich man policy to deepen the have and have-not Malaysians

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Above article is about Gini Coefficient in Malaysia I wrote several years ago, I summarized its few points here for non-Chinese readers,

1. Malaysia is the second highest Gini Coefficient (second worst) in Asia.

2. 15% of have or rich people with GDP per Capita of USD 36,784 while another 85% have-not with USD 1,623 GDP per capita.

3. The rich to poor gap is 22.7 times.

I think this is another election-induced policy to bait some urban Chinese and Indians with cash.

UMNO’s sole goal is to create a huge number of Malays, Ibans and Kadasans who cannot read, speak and write English in the semi-urban and rural areas and another Malay, Chinese and Indian small elite group in cities.

The poor group continued to be brainwashed by UMNO for the power continuity by making 99% low and middle income Chinese and Indian as its punching bag.

I hope more urban Malays should work harder by “de-intoxicated” rural Malays tainted by UMNO propaganda machine.

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