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Malaysia is truly Asia, but with no intangible cultural asset listed in the UNESCO list

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The Minister of Information, Communications, and Culture Rais Yatim is either sleeping or no intention to keep local cultural assets under Malaysia.

Indonesia has listed batik, kris and more as their national heritage with UNESCO. In other example, chingay procession first appeared in Penang in 1905 was hijacked by our down south neighbor and make the Chingay theirs heritage.

What else is leftover for Malaysia? May be Dais Yatim should submit NEP as Malaysia cultural heritage asset. Or we may have to nominate tree house as Malaysia cultural asset in one day as what written in the English encyclopedia.

In a quick glance, there are tons of local invented cultural assets can be nominated by the authorities.

Malay – Wau, Mayong, gasing (top spinning), etc.

Chinese – Chingay, lion dance on high pole, 13-session drum, bak kut teh, etc.

Indian – I have no idea, let me know if you know about any local invented Indian culture.

Kadazan – Sumazau dance, Kadazan attire, etc.

Dayak – Kancet Papatai Dance (war dance) , etc.

Our Minister Rais Yatim please do something before Malaysia is truly nothing in Asia.

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