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MIC should not take pariah as Indian's copyright...Malaysia is a pariah state under BN

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Victor Lim speaks out my mind with a long article, unlike my short and precise writing in my blog.

Malaysia is a pariah state under BN because BN government learns bad things only from China, India, Indonesia, etc. and neglects good things from these nations.

Good things from China: Well-planned transport system in the cities, world-class railway system, strong in R&D commercialization, etc.

Good things from India: English-based education system, anti-hopping law, etc.

Good things from Indonesia: Independent and non-nonsense anti-corruption agency, public assembly rights, etc.

Bernama even published an interview with a Pakistani before Independence Day to tell the world how good is good Malaysia.

When I visited Pakistan several years ago, the tour guide proudly showed me a “palace zone” during the city tour. The palace zone actually is a mid-range housing estate as we see in Malaysia, but he called those bungalows as palace.

The story is UMNO goons are “syiok sendiri” to tell you Malaysia is a very developed nation compared to Pakistan, Mynmar, Afghanistan and Somali.

Malaysia a PARIAH state to the world thanks to BN

Written by Victor Lim

AS MALAYSIANS’ fear of deteriorating crime […]