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Bolehland is more peaceful than Kiasuland?

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GPI ranked Malaysia is most peaceful country in South East Asia is not convincing, at least I know Singapore is more peaceful than Malaysia.

Frankly, I do not know crime is included in the GPI study or not, Malaysia no doubt is a peaceful land but definitely not so peaceful for our personal safety.

Najib is safe on the street with 10 armed bodyguards escorting him, but many average Joes are not so lucky like him.

A half of my family members suffered from the ever raising criminal problem on the street.

– My elder brother knocked out a Malay robber with a very hard punch when he tried to grab money my brother just withdrew from ATM in Johor Baru.

– My old mum gold necklace was snatched by a Malay (or may be an Indonesia) in a small town.

– Five Indian robbers armed with machete knifes robbed a mamak restaurant in Cheras and all its customers, including me. I narrowly escaped from the seizure and the only one not losing any valuable goods to that Indian gang.

Malaysia 19th Safest Country In The World – Global Peace Index […]