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At least 1/2 of Bodohland's judges have to be axed

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Sparking debate: Chuah (left) and Noor Afizal both received light sentences in the recent statutory rape cases.

These judges are produce of UMNO’s brainwashed education system, they have no intelligence to make rational and professional decision.

Mandatory rape is a rape whether the girl agrees or not to make love with a man.

The standard of Malaysian court is as bad as kangaroo court because these Malay speaking judges do not understand the true meaning of mandatory.

Law . permitting no option; not to be disregarded or modified: a mandatory clause.

Believe me, if you go seduce the underaged daughters of our judges to have free sex, you will be jailed for 20-year and canned for 30 strokes.

Another possibility is the judge was bribed to make lenient decision.

I know a real case, a guy was arrested red-handed with a fake credit card in a petrol kiosk. His case was dismissed in the court after his brother forked out RM200,000 to a middleman to settle the case.

Basically, you can murder and rape anyone in Bodohland if you are rich enough to bribe police, judge and lawyer and […]