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I am speechless...Bodohland's MOE teaches our kids how to recognize gay

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In reality may be 90% gays are looking normal, only a small percentage of man with feminine trait and woman with masculine trait as identified in the Bodohland’s MOE guildlines.

The majority of LGBT in Malaysia is hiding their true character from the public, and mostly they also getting married to appear that they are normal people under the social and peer pressure.

You definitely will find gays in ulamaks, fathers, monks, teachers, police, army, etc.

It’s estimated more than 20 million gays in China used marriage as a cover-up for their sexual orientation.

Anwar does not has a muscular body and carrying a big handbag, yet he was accused by old man as a homosexual guy.

MOE should add another warning sign in the guidelines, those man looks like Anwar is probably a gay.

This is another laughable policy and international joke from UMNO goons.

Malaysian Education Ministry Identifies Gay “Warning Signs” In Children

Is your son wearing tight-fitting v-neck? Does your daughter like to have meals with other women?

If so, the Malaysian government has a warning: Your child May. Be. Homosexual.

According to reports, The Ministry Education of Malaysia has […]