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Every Malaysian owes RM14536 national debit

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By using 28 million population and a hefty national debts of 407 billion, each Malaysian from 0 to 120-year old owes RM14,536.

When Malaysia can pay back these national debts?

The answer is NEVER.

The interest charges can easily reach RM30 billion each year, and serving the interest alone is already a daunting task for BN government. BN government has to borrow more money to pay debts, and the vicious cycle is growing bigger and bigger.

Jump ship if you are still young like my nephews who applied for Singapore citizenship, you are debt free as a kiasu.

Malaysia is a sinking ship, and future generations have to bear for all mistakes committed by present generations who elected BN. What the future generations can do about your mistake. None except cursing and digging out your graveyard.