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Malaysia needs an agriculture focused university

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Agriculture is an overlooked sector by Malaysia with plenty of arable land. Taiwan with its small land can produce 80% cow milk from its high-tech poultry farms while Malaysia only produce 5% milk for local market. Thailand agriculture is also better developed than Malaysia.

I found China brought in new coconut and jack fruit species developed by Mardi to Hainan Island while our farmers have no interested or unaware on these new species.

There is golden opportunity to utilize rubber and oil palm plantation for mushroom and fungi cultivation to enhance income for smallholders and estate owners if there is proper guidance from the university and government.

UPM has lost its focus since 80th from its original goal on agriculture technology development.

A new agriculture university with 50:50 government and private funded and led by a private company is a better model because Malaysia public servants mostly will screw up the project.

Selangor Sultan: No need for new agriculture university

SERDANG: The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, said Saturday that the proposed setting up of a new agriculture university was unnecessary.

He suggested that the allocation for the proposed project […]