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Why talented Malaysians leaving Malaysia?

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I see two main reasons why talented Malaysians are preferred to work in overseas.

Myself as an expatriate for MNCs in overseas for several years and now residing in Malaysia for family reason. I have to announce openly that I regret to return to Malaysia.

First, Petronas sued me as a cyber squatter for American dot com domains (read carefully, not Malaysia dot my domains) for no reason when I started a consulting business in Malaysia. They pulled out uncertified domain whois from internet and accused me registered this domain,

The funny thing is Petronas itself registered the same domain in the same week. How on earth Petronas could register this domain if it was already registered by me?

Malaysia kangaroo court accepted all bullshits from Petronas and allow the court case dragging for eight years.

Petronas knew they have no legal basis to win the case in any open court. They simply to abuse Malaysia court system to drag me for a legal tussle for 8 years. They withdrew the case last year after only consultation with my lawyer. (I was not informed by my lawyer on this case withdrawal for […]