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Why Malaysia government cannot build public housing?

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Both BN and PR governments are talking cock for past three and a half years, they are all too busy in bickering and gutter politics. There is not a single concrete plan from both BN and PR governments on how to help average Malaysians own a comfortable house.

Subsidize first house with the taxpayers’ money is not an option as what 1Malaysia house project in Putrajaya.

The right approach is our governments take the responsibility to build public housing under a world-class public body like HDB in Singapore.

Outsourcing the good governance duty to private companies will never work up, private housing developers only concern is profit maximization, the welfare of rakyat is never in their minds.

Why they care for your welfare if they do not need your vote in the election?

Get the right management team to run the public company unlike the present GLCs operated by UMNO monkeys. Proper maintenance of flats is a MUST do thing if Malaysian governments want to see more people choosing high-rise building than landed property.

With the profit rationalization to 10-15% and using modular housing technique, the price for low and medium […]