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Malaysia losing talent to keep one race dominant: LKY

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LKY thanks Malaysia apartheid for a pool of talents for Singapore in 70s and 80s. Singapore is one of the richest countries is partly due to UMNO own making.

Hong Kong banking sector in 60s and 70s was started by Malaysians and they had turned Hong Kong into a world-class financial center.

Malaysia Chinese local graduates with a reasonable English skill will look at Singapore to land a first job.

Do you think UMNO Malays care about the future of Malaysia? They steal as much as they can before opposition is taking over the government.

Malaysia was prepared to lose talent “in order to maintain the dominance of one race”, said Singapore’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew in his latest book.

In the 400-page book titled “One Man’s View of the World”, which was launched on Tuesday, the former minister mentor shares his views on international politics, the global economy, climate change and more.

He noted that Malaysia’s “race-based politics place the country at a disadvantage” and was “voluntarily shrinking the talent pool”.

While the government there is now “somewhat more willing to acknowledge this loss” by trying to lure Malaysians […]