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The mag says living in Malaysia with RM3000 per you believe it?

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The fact is RM3000 is minimum expenses for any household to survive in KL and Penang.

The expatriate can live with RM3000 in Malaysia if they choose to stay at terrace house, no internet service, self-cooking and taking LRT and bus. Another stupid survey from the international magazine.

I also read a silly comment in a Chinese portal from a Mainland Chinese who is living in Damansara for 5 years says

– The majority of Malaysians are living in apartments and bungalows with swimming pool.

– The majority of Malaysian Chinese are rich businessmen.

– Many Malaysians driving Porsche and luxury cars.

A foreigner living in Malaysia for 5 years still cannot see the actual lifestyle in Malaysia. His observations are true for residents living in Damansara Height only.

My bashing against Malaysia is the best living place for retirees two years ago in Chinese language.马来西亚到底是天堂还是地狱/

I translate my old article for non-Chinese readers.

– Malaysia is a haven for people from first and third worlds because Malaysia is a second world class nation.

The first world people find Malaysia is a cheap place to stay with their high income in […]