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This is safe country under Hisham and his police?

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Nowadays Malaysian woman also cannot walk alone in the street is a great achievement under BN government.

I used to say Malaysia is catching up with South Africa where 1/3 females were raped in their lifetime for the top rape crime in the world.

Reported rape cases in 2008 is already more than 3000 and believed there are another nine cases unreported for each known case.

With the rape crime rises up each year, at least 5000 projected reported rape cases in 2011. PDRM is too shy to publish its actual figure.

So the total rape cases is 50,000 each year with an average of 137 rape cases each day in Malaysia.

There is a girl get raped in Malaysia for every 10 minutes!

I have little objection if police brutality and violence is used against the rapists.

Woman pulled into car and gang-raped

Other News & Views Compiled by Ng Si Hooi

A 38-YEAR-OLD woman was gang-raped by three men who pulled her into a car when she was walking alone in Brickfields at about 7am on Sunday, China Press reported.

One of the men held a knife to her neck […]