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Another example of Bolehland defies the God's blessing :: Only 70% rice is produced locally

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Rice and food self-sufficiency is the national survival strategy for every countries except the Bolehland.

Agriculture should be one of the economic pillars for Bolehland with its abundant arable land. Food-based agriculture development was sidelined during the Mahathir era, the senile changed Universiti Pertanian Malaysia to Universiti Putra Malaysia is the most stupid move I ever seen.

Malaysia still fail to achieve self-sufficiency for rice production is one of the thousand screw-up things under the BN government. What FAMA and Mardi did for past forty years? They are on “gaji buta” payroll for too long.

Bolehland will never achieve 100% rice production by 2015 as claimed by our BN minister. Read this blog for more details.

What IF Malaysia, Thailand, Mynmmar and Vietnam all are hit by the massive floods in the same time? Malaysia will be in deep starvation crisis with only 5-month rice stockpile.

My last visit to South Korea in mid-90s was truly opened my eyes on how Koreans made used of every single inch of vacant land for rice cultivation.

The garden of the hotel I stayed was planted with paddy, not flowers as we have seen every […]