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What IF someone says Chinese school students are poor in BM, let using BM to teach them maths and science subjects?

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Those parents who support the usage of English for Maths and Science, are you accept this logic?

Besides, I have not seen any hard data or evidence to prove that English can help to boost up a country to tech superpower status.

Since Malaysia is an Asian country, I pick countries with English as the teaching medium like India, Singapore and Philippine to compare with countries using native language like Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China in the techological development and achievement. Obviously, in overall these non-Englsih speaking countries are excelled in the technological fields.

Why India already using English in their schools for past 70 years after the independence is still not a tech superpower like Japan or Korea? The answer is teaching maths and science in English is still not a proven way for a nation to excel in the technological fields.

Our neighbor in the south may be in the right track for choosing English as the language of international commercial, but there is still no strong correlation between English and advancement of technology and science in Asia context.

Let’s talk with fact, I’m willing to listen another side of the story.