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Why Malaysia still import fishes from Myamar and Thailand?

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Something is fishy for me, if the supply is more than demand as claimed, the price of fishes in the market should be much lower than now.

As far as I know, Malaysia still import million tonnes of oceanic fishes from Myanmar and Thailand each year to meet local consumption on seafood.

Excess supply of fresh water and oceanic fishes cater for export market does not help to lower the fish prices consumed by the normal rakyat.

Malaysia achieves self-sufficiency in fish

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia has achieved self-sufficiency in fish to satisfy the needs of 28 million people in the country, said Fisheries director-general Datuk Ahamad Sabki Mahmood.

He said the national fish catch had reached 1.3 million tonnes, compared to a requirement of 700,000 tonnes annually.

Ahamad Sabki said the positive development had allowed the local fish catch to be exported, especially good quality fish like the hybrid grouper and red snapper, and prawns, thus increasing the national income.

He was speaking to reporters after opening the Fisheries Department- meet-the-media programme, here.

At the event, he also announced the 2012 Fisheries Department Adventure Programme with the Media, which would be held […]