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Another example of donkey education system

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The sale of candles in Alor Star has increased by 50%. The reporters said those believe three days in a row in the dark phenomenon are mostly youngsters.

What else I can say except Bodohland education has churned out a bunch of brainless youngsters. These people are ideal potential candidates to join Green Perkasa and Malay Perkasa.

The giant snake hoax in Muar had attracted several thousands people gathered at the Muar city to witness the snake is another showcase that many Malaysians have malfunctioned brains.

I also read a press release from Tony Phua in which he mentioned 40MHz and 20MHz allocations kinda stuff for LTE license. He is better to consult a qualified electrical engineer first before he issued such technical related statement.

I hope a graduate from the Cambridge University can think better than local trained Malaysians like me, and not tainted by Malaysian politicians in spreading lies and hoaxes.