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Malaysia history textbook is just a piece of junk

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There are tons of historical errors in the Malaysia history textbook. I point out a few examples come across in my mind.

– Parameswara never converted to Islam as written in the textbook.

– Hang Tuah and his gang are all illusionary characters, there is no historical evidence to prove they are real characters.

– Hang Li Poh is not a princess from China, no official document in the Ming Dynasty said Hang Li Poh is a real princess.

– The majority of Malay were cohorts working for Japanese Imperial Army during the World War 2 is downplayed.

– Chinese played important role in the resistance against Japanese occupation is ignored.

UMNO goons distorted historical fact to make Malay looks significant while downplay or even malign other races as the traitor.

History textbooks biased, say writers

by Zakiah Koya

Ranjit was labelled as "anti national" when he pointed out the errors and distortions in history textbooks.

PETALING JAYA (Dec 12, 2010): History textbooks are biased and littered with errors, claim two authors and academicians. Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi and Ng How Kuen, who writes history textbooks for Chinese schools, say their […]