Traditional Games >>>

Traditional games played by Malaysian children during the olden days

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Recollect some traditional games played by the older generations born in 70s and earlier and hope our new generations can appreciate how their poor parents and grandparents spent their joyful childhood days with these games.

Let recall what the kampong traditional games played by Malaysian gen-X kids like me. Many games were creatively created from free natural resources. Gen-Y kids still play some of them and it’s totally strange for gen-Z born after 2000.

I do not know today’s children are more lucky with the computer games or not, but I definitely will choose these free games I played if I were reborn.

The whole new village is our playground with more than 10 kids gathered together whenever a traditional game was played. We are very poor at the time, but played these games with our peers is a fond memory and invaluable experience that no money can buy.

In my memory, I had never studied at home and attended any tuition class after school hours during my primary school days. What I could remember is only play and play with my mates in these games. Anyway, my school report card always in top […]