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Another lie from PM Najib. The fact is Sri Lanka has vernacular schools for its minority Tamil

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PM Najib repeated the white lie from that Senile Mahathir, this is a good example of “bapa borek anak bintik” because Mahathir is his political godfather.

I was stayed in Sri Lanka for one full year and traveled 3/4 of Sri Lanka except the northern and eastern island due to war conflict over there. I saw Tamil language schools sponsored by the government for its Tamil people.

Wikipedia is another source to expose lie from PM Najib.

PM: Only Malaysia has national-type school system


MUAR: The national-type school system – which provides education in vernacular languages apart from the national language -is only practised in Malaysia and not anywhere else in the region or in the world, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said the country’s founding fathers agreed on this multi-education approach so that the different races of the nation could continue to use their mother tongue as well as practise their traditions and cultures.

“This is a unique system and only found in Malaysia, where all races are allowed to maintain their language, traditions and cultures.

“Our […]