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My rebuttal against BN cybertropper on Malaysia cannot compare with South Korea

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There are 3,000 BN cybertroopers running loose in cyber world before the GE13.

My replies are in quotation.

It’s not smart to compare M’sia with Korea March 23, 2013

FMT LETTER: From Anas Zubedy, via e-mail

I am all for learning from others. I also believe in benchmarking. But in order to learn and benchmark from others with much sense, we must compare apples with apples. In the last few years, it is vogue to compare Malaysia with South Korea. Suggesting that they have moved forward far better than us and as such we must been doing rather badly. They somehow feel that we screwed up and should have been more like South Korea. Some of our politicians and their supporters are perhaps using this comparison to win votes through half-truths.

Let us just for a while suspend our intelligence and agree with them. Let us list down what we need to have in order to become like South Korea.

1 We need a communist North Korea (complete with Soviet back-up) to taunt us so that America will adopt us like a favourite son. Being an ally to the USA, Korea […]