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Malaysia government is lackadaisical in world heritage listing

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Only four sites are listed in the world heritage list for a country with rich natural and cultural heritages is showing our government has lackadaisical attitude in promoting our valuable heritages to the world.

In contrast, a small country like Sri Lanka has eight natural and heritage sites listed in the world heritage site as at today, with the latest one is Central Highlands of Sri Lanka.

Central Highlands of Sri Lanka

An old prison in Australia was successfully listed as a world heritage recently, while our Pudu Prison was brushed off and demolished as no heritage value.

There are many natural and cultural sites in Malaysia can be listed as world heritage sites if there is concerted and holistic effort from our government to preserve and promote them actively. Among the potential candidates are Merbok Valley, Belum Royal National Park, Taiping Historic City, Redang and Sipadan Islands, Matang and Tanjung Piai Mangrove Forests, Cameron Highlands, etc.

Although Taman Negara was submitted to UNESCO for consideration since 2004, but no follow-up action by relevant authorities has made its listing an illusion.

Listed in the world heritage site gain more publicities than million ringgit […]