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Why I respect other Muslims but not to Malaysian (and Taliban) Muslims?

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This is history or islamic teaching to non-Islamic students under the namesake of history?

The factual history is Islam was spread to Middle Asia and India through war during the early days of Islam and Moghul empire. Christian was spread to “barbarian” world by following same stick and carrot approach during the western colonization period from 15th to 19th century.

The UMNO Malay idiots think brainwashing young non-Muslim students will convert them to Islam. The fact is as far as I know, only a very few friends converted to Islam for the sake of marriage with Malay girls.

I was “brainwashed” in my university day through a subject called Islamic Civilization. Did I respect more on Islam after the brainwashing session? The answer is NO, but more hatred against UMNO version Islam.

A holy war sure break out IF Muslim students are brainwashed to embrace other religions under the namesake of history subject in other countries. There are two real examples next to Malaysia, one is Thailand and another is Philippines. Thai Muslims are complaining de-islamization in the schools to buddhism and this is main factor contributing to civil war in Southern Thailand.