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Don't trust Malaysian lawyers

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Lawyers used to be trusted professionals, but that was history. My family was cheated by a lawyer in land transaction matter while my lawyer claimed that he lost my phone number for unable to communicate with me on legal matter. These Malaysian lawyers can become murderers, thieves and any criminal as other people.

Prostitutes are better off than some lawyers, at least prostitutes provide agreed service after taking your money.

Hardly you can find out which lawyer is registered with the Bar Council from its website search engine. Their search engine simply does not work as intended.

Greedy lawyer dashes duo’s dream By NELSON BENJAMIN

JOHOR BARU: Their dream to own a home here was dashed when a mother and daughter from Singapore allegedly lost more than RM400,000 to a senior lawyer they had engaged to draw up the sales and purchase agreement.

The family suspected something amiss only after paying out a large sum of money to the lawyer without getting any documents on the two-storey house in Bandar Baru Uda which they bought from a fellow Singaporean.

They then met the seller and were shocked when he […]