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Not sure he is a police or gangster....a licensed gangster is perfect fit !

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The hero in the photo was leaving for Taiwan for further study. UMNO is happily to see another anti-BN Chinese migrated to overseas.

Basically no training module about Malaysia constitution and human rights in PDRM cadet training.

Police is just a job to getting rich quick through corruption, bribe, etc. as many people see it.

Also polish your boss hard enough like DAP goons polish LGE is a sure way to get promoted in the police.

Cop unaware of constitutional right to assembly Malaysiakini – 20 hours ago

A police officer in charge of a duty sector during the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 24 told the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) inquiry today he is not aware that freedom of assembly is guaranteed by the federal constitution.

“I don’t know,” said Inspector Farid Sairi when asked about the matter by lawyer Roger Chan, who was holding a watching brief for the Bar Council, on the 15th day of the inquiry into alleged human rights abuses during and after the April 28 pro-electoral reform rally.

Farid was the 31st witness called before Suhakam’s inquiry panel after a public outcry over allegedly disproportionate police […]