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Malaysia public universities are suitable for asses (animal like donkeys….)

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Who want to send their children to universities like MARA University even for free? The answer is ass. The sons and daughters of UMNO politikus and sultans are studying in USA, British and Australia is further proved that local universities are becoming ass farm.

I was graduated from a local technical university in late 80s and at that time the academic standard was starting to rot with the special scheme to “pass” Malay students who cannot read English textbooks and write theses. After 20 years later, the rot is beyond salvage with a bunch of donkeys produced for the sake of the NEP.

Many parents decided to emigrate to overseas mainly to ensure good education for their children unless they want to have another stock of donkeys.

Do something to stop mass exodus of Malaysians

AT a time when we are encouraging Malaysians working abroad to return home and serve the country, it is indeed very disconcerting to learn that 304,358 Malaysians left the country between March last year and August this year for better educational, career and business prospects.

This is indeed a steep increase compared with 139,696 Malaysians who left the country […]