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Did you pay bribe?

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Did you pay traffic police to get rid of summons?

Did you pay JPJ to buy your license?

Did you pay pubic servants to get things done?

Did you pay kick back to get contract from the government?

Did you bribe buyers in the private companies?

I did bribe a traffic policeman in Penang many years ago. This is only black spot in my biodata and very regretted for my action.

I was just paid off RM600 for all summonses accumulated over the years before I was caught beating a traffic light nearby the PISA. The policeman was hiding and waited patiently for more victims.

The traffic light is quite confusing for any driver new to PISA. I had made a mistake for not stopping at the junction in time.

I had decided to bribe the policeman after he hinted that it could be settled with RM30. The funny thing was he returned RM20 change after I gave him RM50 note because I thought he would keep RM50.

1/10 Malaysian has paid a bribe is under estimated statistics, I will say at least 9/10 adults in Malaysia pay a bribe in their […]