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Facebook is a hot potato in Malaysia

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Online campaign against new 100 storeys Heritage Tower has drawn more than 200,000 facebook fans in less than two weeks is a testimony that Malaysians are active online or armchair protesters.

Malaysia is a multicultural society with more openness toward friendship, therefore facebook social networking site is a perfect communication tool for the majority of Malaysians.

Click on the images to facebook's say NO to Najib's mega tower.

Malaysians win global Internet popularity contest

Sarah Stewart

Malaysians are the most popular people on the Internet, while Japanese are the least, according to a global survey which shows how national cultures are reflected in online behaviour.

Malaysians won the Internet popularity contest with an average of 233 friends in their social network, compared to 68 in China and just 29 in Japan, according to the Digital Life study by global research firm TNS.

The findings are no surprise in a gregarious, multicultural nation which has a tradition of “open house” parties where the doors are literally thrown open to all, and where new acquaintances are eagerly made.