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Corruption in the Bolehland is too widespread

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Why Wanita MCA and NGOs blamed Selangor PR government only for this vice business?

The corruption is not limited PR Selangor, the entire Bolehland (may be Kelantan is exception) is flourishing with “legal” massage centers which are used as brothels secretly.

From politicians, police, immigration till city hall councilors, all of them are parts of this massage centers problem.

Women groups rage over number of ‘heartbreaking’ massage-cum-sex centres


PETALING JAYA: A group of women NGOs is outraged over the rising number of massage parlours in Selangor, saying these vice dens have caused much heartbreak to many families.

They said innocent lives had been affected when husbands, fathers and even sons became regulars of the illicit services offered at some of the outlets.

“Many families have been affected by the mushrooming of these massage centres.

“Money that is meant for the family is spent on unnecessary activities,” beautician and Malaysian Beauty Therapy Association president Datin Clara Chee said.

Teenagers, she said, were also being lured to such places.