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Mat Sabu is helping families of slain Bukit Kepong policemen get noticed again

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Why not compensate those policemen slain in the Bukit Kepong incident if UMNO believes they are heroes? Let pay one million ringgit for each family.

The historical fact is these policemen served the British colonial after Japanese surrendered in the world war 2.

I am confident to say this because Japanese surrendered to British, not the Malay sultans.

Who pay the salary for these policemen then? What flag was flying high in the Bukit Kepong police station?

How on earth Mat Sabu is wrong in saying Mat Indera is a freedom fighter unless Malaysia history taught in the textbook is totally wrong and distorted by BN.

UMNO goons argued Mat Indera and communists were fighting for their own agenda unlike UMNO fighting for its people. (Do you believe this claim?}

My question is what agenda in the communist party? They might want to run a single party totalitarian nation like the China Communist Party in China.

What is the problem with this?

There was no Malaya constitution in 1950, and established a communist nation was not an illegal and unpatriotic movement. Malaya is still an independent nation under the communist […]