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Mathias Chang should feel the kangaroo judicial system

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His master Mahathir is the one manipulated and controlled our judicial system to serve UMNO, the jail term serves him well.

Mathias Chang on hunger strike at prison, say children

KUALA LUMPUR: Children of lawyer Mathias Chang, who is serving a month-long sentence after refusing to pay a RM20,000 fine for contempt of court, have sent a statement via SMS saying that their father was on hunger strike at the Kajang Civil Prison.

They said that he would go hungry until High Court judge Justice Noor Azian Shaari, who passed the sentence, agrees not to “abuse” lawyers and/or litigants.

They also called for the relevant authorities to agree to review the contempt law as provided under Order 52 1(A) of the Rules of the High Court 1980.

In the SMS, the children also asked recipients of the message to spread the message to all friends and family and that they would be forever grateful.

Chang, 60, was previously the political secretary to former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was cited for contempt on March 25 when he refused to apologise after a spat with Justice Noor Azian and a lawyer during cross-examination in […]