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20-30% Chinese support is called supporting MCA and BN?

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I thought MCA machai has better arithmetic skill than UMNO racist boss to comprehend 30% is 3 out 10, not 7 out 10.

Instead of asking BN government to disburse necessary funds from the national budget to Chinese schools, what MCA good for is non-stop fund raising campaign from the Chinese community to fill the deficits in school schools.

It’s better for Chua to dissolve MCA and ask MCA members to convert to Muslims and then join UMNO as non-voting right associated members.

Dr Chua: Chinese voters continue to support MCA and Barisan Nasional By Chong Chee Seong

MUAR: The series of “mega dinners” held by the MCA will be extended to more locations nationwide, said party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

He said the move comes in the wake of the good response the events had been receiving so far.

Two recent dinners held in Kulaijaya on Saturday and Muar on Sunday, had attracted crowds numbering 15,000 and 8,000 people, respectively.

Dr Chua said the dinners allowed the Chinese community to be informed about dirty tactics employed by opposition parties such as the DAP and advised the Chinese […]