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BN outdone PR in promoting Chinese culture

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During this CNY celebration in Muar, I managed to capture two icons signifying the Chinese culture. BN outdone PR in promoting Chinese culture after it realizes only actions speak louder than talking.

Lim Guan Eng just inherited Chinese CNY annual celebration in Penang from Gerakan and did no effort to add new attractions. I had boycotted Penang CNY celebration because of its very poor crowd control.

Melaka government should run a Chinese and Baba new year tradition exhibition in the world heritage park instead of showing off a gorilla statue. [Some people say it’s Gan Bon Long’s statue]. Melaka world heritage park is an eyesore and dull tourist product.

1. Muar lion king statue

I may not be satisfy with the location and the design of lion dance statue in Muar, but I have to admit BN is doing better job than PR in this matter.

2. Melaka Jonker Street’s flying dragon statue

This giant dragon statue is quite impressive and attracting a lot of eye balls of local and foreign tourists. I made a re-tour to Melaka solely for this purpose, taking some photos for this dragon statue. […]