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Another donkey work from UMNO politikus

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The so-called evidence is a written document from an unknown and unreliable author according to Bodohland’s Malay historians. Actually there are no concrete proofs or artifacts uncovered and linked to existence of Parameswara. Also no Melaka palace daily journals available to say Melaka Sultanate was a real history.

If the founding date for Melaka is 1262, then the history of China Ming Dynasty and Portuguese are all wrong.

China Ming dynasty history is the most proper documented archive in the world unlike Melaka history written by unknown authors a hundred years later.

Chinese archives hold key to Malacca’s founding October 11, 2012

FMT LETTER: From NK Khoo, via e-mail

The Malacca sultanate’s existence is proven only through cross reference with other historical archives from China, Siam, Portuguese, etc. because all archives from the Malacca palace were believed to have been destroyed during the wartime.

Historians are fully aware that China’s Ming dynasty history is the most well documented archives in the world, unlike Malacca’s history which was written a hundred years later.

Ming palace records are still existence and can be accessed by researchers to verify when Parameswara visited Nanjing.

Parameswara’s visit […]