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Bolehland way of finding historical fact

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Gapena chairman Professor Abdul Latiff Bakar, meanwhile, disagreed over the notion that Hang Tuah did not exist

“It does not mean that Hang Tuah did not exist.”

“He existed in the Malay historical source, not the Arab or Chinese historical source,” Latiff said, adding that Hang Tuah’s village existed in Duyung.

I am not a historian, but I know a professional and objective evidence on a historical personality and dynasty is based on

– Related artifacts and tomb for the person or king.

– Cross reference on written records from several sources. By quoting a written record or source only is never a reliable historical record.

“Sejarah Melayu” was not written during the Melaka Sultanare period is another question mark on its accuracy unlike Chinese imperial records. The Ming dynasty has more than 10 million pages of royal family journal which are still well preserved in the museum.

For instance, China documented history is 5000 year, but its verified history is only tracked back to 3500 year ago after the discovery of Yin dynasty’s artifacts and a tomb of Yin queen.

Melaka Sultanate verified history is ZERO after it lost all […]