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Melaka monorail went kaput again....

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Off-track: Anne descending from the monorail using a ladder after the service came to a halt Tuesday.

Mohd Ali Rustam should climb up the ladder with his monkey-like silat skill to rescue Briton duo from his problematic monument project.

My China made electrical appliances all went kaput in one to two years, this monorail will facing the same fate.

Monorail traps British duo

MALACCA: The city’s monorail service came to an abrupt halt at 1.11pm on 1.11.11, trapping two British tourists for about 20 minutes.

Firemen rescued James Craft, a 57-year-old police officer from England, and his 49-year-old wife Anne, a former school teacher.

The couple descended from the monorail using a ladder.