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Melaka has lost its charm again

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Neon lighted river bank does not project a true historic Melaka River. I remember the river is vibrant with traditional barter trading and fishing boats berthing before the river was transformed to a concrete drain. The river used to be a natural habitat for wildlife like crab, monitor lizard, mudskipper, etc. but now all that is becoming another history in the historic city.

This kind of haphazard commercialized project may be a money spinner in the short-term, but it brings adverse consequences to Melaka long-term sustainable tourism. Why people revisit Melaka to see another concrete jungle?

Melaka government is slaughtering a goose for its golden eggs by destroying Melaka river and its city own unique historical and charming elements.

These few photos I took in 2006 are more historical in nature.

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Melaka River-‘Money Spinner’ For Heritage City

By Mohamad Bakri Darus

(BERNAMA will come out with more features in conjunction of ‘1State 1 River’ programme which will […]