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The concrete walls for Melaka River phase 2 beautification should be replaced with natural setting

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The Melaka river beautification phase one and two projects seem were bulldozed through without any public consultation session was conducted to gather public and expert opinions on how to optimize public fund and assess the impacts on environment.

For instance, the trees along the riverbank are cut down indiscriminately for phase two project is an uncalled for approach used by the contractors.

Singapore realized that Singapore river beautification with concrete walls is not suitable for its native habitat. They have learned the bitter lesson and tried to restore the ecological damages by recreated and re-introduced natural environment in the river several years later.

Why Melaka and Malaysia government repeat the similar mistake without learning from the mistake made by others?

Clean up and deepen the Melaka river and yet maintain its natural setting to allow native habitats to flourish is not a rocket science. Besides, by planting right mix of plants on the riverbank could function as a cost efficient natural filtration system for water in the river. This is a cheaper and greener solution than building another multi-million ringgit sewage plant.

The natural settings will attract monitor lizards, mud skippers, […]