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Melaka Wangkang Procession

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Don’t miss this rare procession which was held in certain year only under the instruction of the Divine. The last three Wangkang festivals took place in 1919, 1933 and 2001, and there are no records on when the first was held in the country. No one knows when is the next procession because the procession is decided by the Divine in the heaven.

The event is aimed at ridding evil spirits in the state and country.

The wooden boat will be burned after the processing to signify farewell to the divines. The temple owner permitted me to shot some photos for the wooden boat.

BN government Tourism Ministry gave RM10,000 and the state government provided RM15,000 towards the cost of building the boat.

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The temple is located at Jalan Parameswara, before the Shell petrol station and procession is held on 6 February, 2012.

GPS: 2.189378N, 102.258269E