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SMS messages between Merbok MP and Kuma

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There are two issues I see from the SMS conversation. Two wrongs do not make a right.

The complainants have to explain the temple plan was approved or not before threatening local authorities with votes. Indian like to build Hindu temple at public places without proper approval. They blame the government either from BN or PR when the temple is demolished by local authorities.

No doubt, PR has the right to neglect Indian voters. Merbok MP is pushing the responsibility to BN is a sign of failure in governance by PR.

Kuma is secretary for a Tamil Temple in SP.

Kuma: Ustat,dulu kami benci BN kerana mereka suka sangat pecah kuil,sekarang dimula balik oleh kerajaan pas yang berlaku di Taman Petani Jaya.Inikah terima kasih yang di tunjuk oleh kerajaan PAS kepada kaum India.

Merbok MP:Kalau pasal kuil saja tak mahu ubah tak payahlah banyak lagi agenda yang patut dihayati…A lot more issues are at stake(state).

Kuma:Than why this MPSPK go and brake a temple infront house of one Indian family.

Merbok MP:There must a very good reason for it…le;D

Kuma:There are so manything can be done but this will […]