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Petronas go to hell!

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Bolehland is truly boleh! America, a superpower cannot afford to sponsor a single F1 team, but Malaysia with only USD5000 income per capita can outdo America for having two F1 teams.

Malaysia is next Zimbabwe in the making. Malaysia Boleh, but boleh (“can”) for ruin.

Petronas sponsored Mercedes F1 is another blow and shame to Malaysia. This is another “boleh” way for Petronas to burn our oil money.

PM Najib, please sack the Petronas chairman and board of directors and remove Dr. Mahahtir as Petronas senile advisor.

For grassroots level, boycott Petronas petrol stations especially its lubricant. Myself has never bought Petronas lubricant since I owned a car ten years ago.

Alex Young expresses his ‘shame’ at Petronas/Mercedes tie-up


Petronas’ sponsorship agreement with Mercedes Grand Prix for F1 2010 has left ex-Minardi ace Alex Yoong filled with a sense of ‘shame’ – and cast doubt over the financial viability of Lotus to make the grid next season.

Alex Yoong has revealed his disbelief that leading Malaysian oil and gas supplier Petronas has elected to shun Lotus in favour of sponsoring Mercedes Grand Prix in F1 2010 – just days after the state-owned […]