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Why Chinese do not support BN? Here is one main reason...

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I take Merlimau Chinese primary school as a typical example.

The total cost for school rebuilding project is RM 2.5 million. More than 80% of funds were raised from the Chinese community.

The breakdown for funds from government is as below,

Melaka state government: RM 10,000 (Ten thousand only) Jasin MP: RM 10,000 Merlimau Adun: RM 5,000 MCA: RM 200,000 Education Ministry: RM 200,000 (Only released recently due to Merlimau by-election)

The sum grant from government and BN political parties is RM 425,000.

The school furniture for headmister, library, classrooms, etc. all are still in dilapidated conditions.

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In other hand, Merlimau Tamil school is given RM 10 million for a new school due to this Merlimau by-election. Malaysian Indian is striving a gold from the demise of an UMNO politician.

Those people who still cannot understand why Chinese is voting opposition shall go eat &^^*%$%$.