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Do you know Bolehland was coined by who? By a Malaysia hero, late MGG Pillai

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This word “Bolehland” first appeared in USENET on 24 April 1997 in a posting, “Is City Hall anti-national in calling for fewer parking bays?” by late MGG Pillai.…st&q=bolehland#

I first came to know MGG Pillai in Usenet around August 1997 when I back to Malaysia to attend my dad’s funeral. Although I have never met him face to face, but we are in the same gang to counter Mahathir’s “Malaysia Boleh” mis-informed campaign. I quit usenet in 2000 and only noticed he was passed away in 2006 from the Star.

Sad to miss MGG Pillai forever. God blessing you! You have left a legacy “Bolehland” for our future cyber generations.

A screen shot is posted here.