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PR supporters are behaving like gangsters

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The basic tenets of democracy are not taught in the schools, thus make many young people are behaving like communists and cyber bullies who are hiding behind the anonymity.

Under the democratic nation, whether you like it or not, Michelle Yeoh has the absolute freedom to support any party she deems fit to her.

If PR supporters think the democracy is bad, they should migrate to China for not having freedom of supporting political party at their choice.

PR cybertroopers, stop insulting anyone who is not supporting PR before you are morphing into another Perkasa mafia and Taiwanese politicians in early 90s.

GE13: Cyber bullies target Michelle Yeoh for accepting invitation to attend mammoth dinner

KUALA LUMPUR: International actress Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh is the target of fierce attacks in cyberspace after reports emerged that the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star has accepted an invitation to attend a mammoth dinner organised by a group of Selangor Chinese businessmen.

Netizens took to social networking sites to criticise Michelle after an unofficial Facebook page in Chinese “We Fully Support PKR ” highlighted a local Chinese daily report about the event, which would also be […]