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The Star is supportive to low wages unlike its owner, MCA

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An employer told me that local Malay male workers have serious absenteeism issue. The factory’s or company’s operation is disrupted whenever a worker is absent without notice.

Local bosses prefer foreign workers is not solely due to low wages, the work ethics is their main concern.

This observation is true in 80s because my elder brother did hire a few local Malay workers for a school construction project in Lenga. They came to work at their pleasure and absent to work is a norm.

Since nothing has changed for better in work ethics for Malay workers after 40 years of NEP.

Nevertheless, any reason to hire foreign workers to replace local workers is unacceptable, the employers have to come out better salary, conducive working environment, flexible working hour and reduce manual operations.

How to attract local workers to tough jobs

THERE are legitimate concerns raised over the minimum wage for foreign workers.

It is true that foreign workers will be earning more than the locals since on top of their salary, they are given housing allowance, transport and meals. The second concern is that too much of our money will be flowing […]