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Drop the Malaysia name from any beauty contest

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Datuk Lee Chong Wei is a Malaysia badminton player who is representing Malaysia because he is the best player in the singles contested in tournaments sanctioned by our government.

Does the Miss Malaysia is the most pretty or most smart girl in Malaysia for her to carry the Miss Malaysia title? Besides, beauty contest itself is a profit-oriented commercial activity which is nothing to do with Malaysia official function.

No private organization should be allowed to use “Malaysia” name to mislead the public that they are sanctioned by the Malaysian government. There was an incident where a Malaysian beauty contestant apologized to Filipinos on behalf of Malaysia during a regional beauty contest held in Manila several years ago.

There are provisions in the Malaysian law for the authorities to take action against any organization missuses “Malaysia” in their commercial promotion.

The contestants in any beauty contest could call themselves Miss Pussycat or any name, but never Miss Malaysia whatsoever.

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