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KL MRT: Another giant cash cow for UMNO cronies

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Good news is KL folks are going to have a new MRT, be ready in the next decade or so.

Bad news is we Malaysians have to foot astronomical bill due to rent-seeking and black box tender process.

Be prepared to add 30% mark-up price on MRT project cost, and the actual mark-up price can be as high as RM10 billion.

I hope you understand mark-up price which is equivalent to money stolen from the taxpayers and go privately into pocket of UMNO goons.

Besides billions cost overrun, KL MRT is another legal vehicle to grab land bank from the owners for UMNO cronies.

Below is a sketchy plan on MRT project I found in the internet.

Under the RM43bil MRT project, there will be two major routes from “Kepong to Cheras”, “Damansara to Serdang” and another important route that will connecting up all the networks and circling around the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Here are the estimated total project values for the future public transport plan in Malaysia:

RM7 billion – For Light Rail Transit (LRT) extension works RM36 billion – For Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system construction and design […]