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Arrest Mohd Ali Rustam for issuing threat to civilians

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Mohd Ali Rustam, defend your asshole from sodomizing by Shaiful or what?

The mass media even published this threat openly for him to terrorize the whole nation and yet no action is taken against this thug.

Korean Tae Kwon Do is made as an Olympic games, and silat is made as a killing tool by Mohd Ali on Bersih demonstrators.

Silat cannot even be made into our military training syllabus for obvious reason. Neither silat is a right tool for self-defense nor a good subject for self-disciplined training.


In KUALA LUMPUR, about 30 youths, claiming to be Hindraf supporters, held a demonstration in front of the PAS headquarters at Jalan Raja Laut to voice their objection to the July 9 rally.

They assembled in front of the PAS headquarters at about 11.20am carrying banners.

However, they left in several cars about 10 minutes later when the police arrived.

Meanwhile, a group of silat exponents said they would use their martial arts to disrupt the rally if it happens.

“We prefer not to use violence. But if they (rally organisers) refuse to back down, we will defend ourselves,” said National Silat […]