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Another stupid remark from a DAP poli-tikus

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He should criticize sPICE crony-linked contract from Penang PR state government if he has nothing to do.

Please do not behave like second Namewee who insulted the national anthem for his personal gain in the recording and film businesses.

You are damn lucky to be selected by DAP to ride on the Hindraf’s shock wave created in 2007.

YB Manoharan, do you know a senior DAP leader who served the Selangor DAP for more than 20 year, and he supposed to represent DAP in the Kota Shah Alam was kicked out without mercy by DAP because of your Indian background?

Manoharan chided over Malaysian flag remarks

SEREMBAN: Kota Shah Alam state assemblyman M Manoharan was chided by Umno Information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan for his refusal to fly the Malaysian flag because it “looks more Barisan Nasional than Malaysian.”

Ahmad said that Manoharan’s statement that he would change the design of the flag if he were in power proved that the DAP member was not patriotic and not proud of his country.

Manoharan had posted in his facebook: “I distributed many DAP flags yesterday in my constituency.

“I refused to fly […]